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              Korban glanced at his companion over the blazing campfire; regarding him with an air of both unease and gratitude. It was still hard for him to believe that he was actually here. Just that morning he’d been a “rebellious” slave sentenced to a truly torturous death at the hands of the renowned military commander Morlen Lythani, a visiting client of his previous owner the notorious Kargok the Golden — so named for his vast control over the area's supply of gold mines. The pair of notorious men had a rather harmonious balance with each other. Morlen supplied Kargok's golden empire with slaves and open access to his conquered nations. In return, Kargok helped Morlen’s bloody conquests with gold and weapons. No one knew why Morlen didn’t simply try to kill Kargok for his fortunes and accept them for himself but a few rumors were floating around that Kargok h
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Let Sleepy Dragons Lie!
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Warning- This story contains vore themes so if you don't like it then I don't know how you even got this far in my stories... Like really? How did you get though the first one? If you just skipped it then what are you doing here? Are you reading these out of order? If so you're skipped major plot development! Go back and think about what you've done!
                Markus finished relieving himself and nervously started his trek back to the trickling stream Granite had designated for their meeting-up. Markus arrived first and knelt before the stream, plunging his hands into the water. He washed his hands and splashed the liquid into his face, welcoming the refreshing coolness upon his unnaturally warm face, curtesy of his recent rise in stress. He slapped some water onto his neck and shuddered as most of it followed the spinal indent in his sweat soake
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The Secret
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               “You’re coming with me…”
               “Wait, WHAT!?”
               “You remember how I said my family was having a get-together soon? Well, I’m taking you with me. I-it’s a long story…” Granite mumbled giving Markus a slightly guilty look.
               “I don’t want to hear it!” Markus cried, he started to sweat and he could feel his heart hammering in his chest. His palms grew slick and his muscles tensed, he was ready to fight, to run, do whatever he could to get out! Yet he knew deep down, even as he raced towards the exit, that he never could. He was trapped, like a pig in a pen rea
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               “That depends on the stakes you want to give to our ‘little game’!” Granite purred, not in the least bit phased by his question.
               “Admit it, you want me for something!” Markus cried angrily. “What are you going to do with me?”
               Granite sighed and dipped her head. “Being away from others for long periods of time really deteriorates your secret keeping skills, you wouldn’t think it would but stuff just kind slips out…”
               Markus gulped. “You do want me for something! No, NO! Please, don’t eat me!”
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Draconic Games
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        Markus swiftly made his way to the town’s edge and moved towards the closed wooden gates. The guards seemed to recognize him from afar and opened the portal for him to pass. He glanced at them while passing through and noticed they gave him encouraging nods and smiles. Markus sighed, this whole thing was a setup and everyone knew it.
        Greytree was a small little stone castle with a village at its base. The backside of the fortress was set against the valley’s mountainside of Ortis while its brother, Scalos, rose about a mile to the south. A twelve-foot wooden palisade had been constructed around the village to shield it from “hostile invaders” but everyone knew that in a real attack it would fall with ease, especially if that invader was a dragon!
        Markus turned to face the southern mountain with a look of determination de
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      Markus was feeling good. Better than good; in fact, he was feeling fantastic! It had been four days since he had met Granite, and the atmosphere around him had changed considerably. After a few repetitions of his story, specifically the no-bullying policy Granite had told him about, the town bullies steered quite clear of their aggressive ways; none of them wanted a hungry dragon knocking down their door! Lord Syrik Adler had taken a particular interest in the tales concerning the new denizen of the valley. Furthermore, he ensured that Markus’s relatively well-off family had plenty of food and a few rare gifts. Some of the gifts included a small pile of books, and a polished glass mirror.
       However, despite the new wave of fandom, Markus wasn’t eager to return to the lake. His pin pricked back, and sides, still itched slightly and the playful tongue kept haunting his dreams, dragging him pa
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Something Sweet for Someone Sweet
       The sky darkened as the sun slowly slipped from its perch and over the curve of the earth, disappearing in a colorful display of brilliant light. Snowfox watched the bright ball of light slowly vanish and the moon begin its nightly ascent to greatness. Tonight its surface was only half shown but it in no way affected its hypnotizing beauty. A small smile on his face, he watched the stars twinkle into existence across the sky until it seemed the air was filled with tiny fireflies. He reclined and lay back on the soft grass under him, watching the night as it grew more complete yet not darker, for the moon and stars prevented such a crime from taking place. Tonight it seemed not even the clouds dared to interrupt their holy shine as they radiated down from the heavens, bathing the earth in their gentle light.
        Snowfox closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the night for a time. The soothing chirp of the cric
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The Lucky Skipper
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Warning- This story contains vore themes. If you are uncomfortable with this, back up. Run, just book it man! Get out of here, the ideas might catch you! For the rest of you that haven’t run… I’m so sorry, you’ll just have to deal with my writing…
               Granite yawned and opened her bright green eyes. Sunlight streamed through the lush vegetation concealing the entrance of her stone cave, illuminating the room with its warm inviting rays. She rose and stretched, smacking her tongue around her mouth to rid it of its dry morning texture. Failing to conjure the necessary saliva for the task at hand she grimaced and moved to the small waterfall bubbling through the walls at the back of her cave. She paused at the rim of the makeshift water bowl and unceremoniously dunked her muzzle into its contents. After drinking her fill, the grey snout rose from t
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Salt in old wounds.
Jason stormed out as Drake followed him. He was glaring but on the inside he was fighting back tears.
Jason: (Thinking) Why did he have to say that of all things! Why. Why!
Drake followed him. Why had he said the things he said. Why did he have to bring Jason's old parents into the mix. He followed his human brother outside where Jason kept walking. Jason walked into the woods and started to run. Drake being hit in the face multiple times by branches couldn't see and lost sign of his little brother. Jason slide into a small cave and curled up. Drake walked quickly in front of it and looked inside of Jason's little hollow.
Drake: Jase. Please! I didn't mean it. Come out.
Jason: Just go away.
Drake: Jase! Come on! I was just angry that's all. Please. You'll freeze out here.
Jason: Fine by me.
Drake: Jason.
Jason: (mumbles) Why would you care. You just think of me as an orphan useless human.
Drake flinched remembering his own words. His father, Draco, would never forgive him if Jason died
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I am very conflicted about this scene... On the one hand the sky is just amazing, no other way to describe it, but the little cottage i...


So :icondracoinferno5: gave me a challenge and here's what it was,

     You have come across a ripple in time and space. You can now go back in time for the entire day. Now name what you would do with this power and share it. Put it in your journals.

Being the late responder that I am I'm just getting to it now...

     The first thing that I'd do would probably go to the starting time and place of every major religion and see if they're real. If I find that one is real I'd dedicate my life to that religion and probably become a monk or something! If not then I'd look online for people in history that supposedly had magic or a mysterious power and try to visit them and gain it for myself. If I can get a special power then great, but either way the real fun begins next! I'd look online again and find out about major plots(both failed and successful) in history and then go back in time and be the one that foiled/helped all of those plots! Of course, I'd also want to bring some treasure back so I'd probably visit some of the ancient South and Central American civilizations and may or may not try to impersonate a god or two! Of course I'd need to bring some magic tricks with me, both real or fake based upon how my previous efforts went.(A gun would be useful to have here and getting one from a later time wouldn't be that hard.) I'd probably help them out a bit too by trying to steer them away from gruesome sacrifice(Like the Aztecs) and give them a few better technologies. (Also figure out how the some ancient civilization were so good at stuff!)(Pyramids, Stonehenge, Mayans, etc.)

     Oh and I'd definitely need a watch or something that tells me when my time is up and I need to get back. But when I did get back I'd look at all the point in history I'd gone too and see if I can find records of myself there! How cool would it be to find you face carved into an ancient temple wall?! Anyway, that's what I'd do. I don't think that I could go back in time and assassinate people like Hitler or anything as that would disturb timelines and I think that that's impossible. What you do would already have happened and that would set time on the path that it is now.

     So that's about it. I'd investigate every religion, try to look through history to gain secret knowledge/power, see if I could foil/help any major historical plots, and visit ancient Civilizations and impersonate a god to get a few treasures(Not many as I'm not that greedy!) and help out their culture plus see if I can get my face literally carved in history. Lastly, I'd visit mysterious monuments of history and see how they were made and stuff. Yeah, I'm probably a pretty selfish person and likely to get killed on my adventures but when you take away someone's limits you'll find they'd probably do some pretty crazy stuff!

By the way, I was playing a game online with friends this weekend called Quiplash. (It's a game where two people answer a question and everyone else decides the best one.) One of the questions was,
"You go back in time and the first thing you do is assassinate Hitler, what's the second thing you do?"
The choices were either,
Save Hitler!
Become Hitler!
Anyway, I guess I should pass this challenge on so here, enjoy! (Participation is entirely optional!)

(Lol, we've got a battle of eyes going on with the last three! XD )


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